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Lebanon UMC History

In the late 1800's our churches were known as the Rock Spring Circuit of Methodist Episcopal Church South. In a copy of a report dated 1895, there were six churches on this circuit. The churches listed were: Mt. Pleasant, Lebanon, Bethel, Rehobeth, Denver, and Webbs Chapel. There was a total of 569 church members, 44 professions of conversion. At a later date, Bethany and Marvin churches were added to this charge which had the minister serving eight churches.

In 1954, the charge was divided with four churches, Lebanon, Bethel, Denver, and Webbs Chapel remaining on the charge. The membership of the Marvin and Bethany churches were too small to continue, so the members of the Marvin Church were transferred to Denver and Bethany members to Rehobeth.

Lebanon would continue to be part of this four point Rock Springs Charge until 1982. At that time Lebanon and Denver formed a new charge with the Rev. Jack Knoespel serving as its first minister.

By 1989 the Denver church had grown large enough to go station and Lebanon was paired with Fairfield to form a new charge with the Rev. Gene Richardson serving as its first minister. Five years later, in 1994, the Fairfield church went station. Since Lebanon was not large enough to go station and have its own full time minister, and since there was no suitable church with which to form a two point charge, Lebanon for the next 4 1/2 years became a church served by Bi-vocational part-time local pastors.

After having 3 pastors in this 4 1/2 year span, Lebanon was reunited with Fairfield to form the New Fairfield-Lebanon Charge in 1999 with the Rev. Eric Reece serving as its first minister. From June 2001 until 2004, Lebanon began a new era when the Rev. Barbara Ingram was appointed the church's first female minister. From 2004 to 2007 the Rev. Ray Surratt Served as Pastor. In 2007, Rev. Gary Fulker took over as the Pastor of Lebanon United Methodist Church. With Rev. Fulker's leadership and guidance we look forward to carrying the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ in the new decade that is upon us.

Lebanon Ministers